Why Women Love Shoes

If there’s one thing I know, shoes are very important to women. Women want to buy new shoes all the time. They feel happy wearing different types of shoes, and when they go shopping, they often get excited just by looking at shoes. Whenever women try on new shoes for the first time, they feel that thrill deep within them. It’s no surprise that women own more than ten pairs of shoes at any one time.

Why are Shoes So Important to Women?

Well simply, shoes are an important part of fashion. Some people wear them as accessories or even as a statement piece. But there are many different types of shoes. Some are comfortable while others are barely wearable (although they may look really cool). There are also many different materials used to make shoes, the combinations are just never ending.

High Heels are the Queen of Shoes

A Pair of High Heels
Image: Pair of High Heels

Women love shoes because they give them more power over men. Men also love women who wear high heels because they love the confidence and power the women portray. Plus, high heels push the curves out even farther than normal, making women look sexy. It’s no surprise why women wear high heels for special occasions like a formal dinner or a date.

Shoes are personal accessories. Women wear them to express themselves. Some women enjoy playing with their shoes as if they were toys. They can even be viewed as part of every day fantasy. When we think about buying them, we get excited and start releasing hormones. We also feel guilty when we spend money on shoes.

The Psychology Behind Shoes

Dr. Susan Scheftel of Psychology Today says the origins of shoes’ power may lie in our childhoods. Before we can walk, we see our parents putting them on, going about their lives and leaving the house. Shoes become symbolically tied to mobility and stature, both literally and socially. As children, footwear is a first big step towards independence and individuality.

Women Identify Themselves With Their Shoes

Shoes are an important part of our identity. They help us express ourselves by showing aspects of our personality. You can change your shoes each day or more if you want to. Flat shoes show your groundedness, pumps show you’re all business, and high-heeled boots show you’re tough.

Women’s shoes now account for nearly half of all shoe sales in the United States. This figure was reached by the end of the 1980s.

There’s Still a Practical Reason for Wearing Shoes

Shoes are interesting because they’re useful. I hope we’ve not forgotten about that. They make us walk around and help us move around. Shoes are worn by almost everyone, no matter how famous or important they are.

Women Wear Shoes for Lots of Reasons

Deep in our hearts, we don’t always wear shoes for practical reasons. Sometimes it’s just fun. If you have a pair of shoes that you absolutely adore, then keep them forever (at least until it completely breaks down). However, if you find yourself getting bored with your shoes, it’s pretty normal. We went around asking several women why they have an obsession with shoes, and here’s a couple of answers we’ve gotten back.

For Complementing an Outfit

White High Heels with White Outfit
Image: White High Heels with White Outfit

If you’re wearing something casual, but you still want to add some glamour, you can add some sparkle to your outfit by donning on some shiny leather pumps. Or maybe you’d rather go for a more classic look and opt for boots instead. Shoes play such a huge role in your outfit. Women will often buy new shoes just so they can match their outfits.

To Make Yourself Look Taller

High heels aren’t just for fashion statements anymore. These days, they’re used to make people appear taller. If you’re looking to boost your height, wearing high heels will do the trick. They’ll also make you appear thinner. The higher the heel, the thinner you’ll tend to look.

To Feel More Powerful

A lot of women say they wear high heels because they want to feel powerful. High heels make you stand up straight and give you confidence. To some, it makes you feel like you could take on the world. 

To Be Feminine

Some women wear high heels because they believe they make them feminine. They think that wearing high heels shows off their femininity. Others say they wear them because they want to be sexy. Either way, wearing high heels makes you feel good about yourself. It gives you a sense of pride.

To Keep Your Feet Dry

Well, this is an obvious one. Sometimes we totally forget what shoes are really meant for. No one likes wet feet. It’s uncomfortable. So, when you get out of your house, it’s practically second nature to put on any kind of footwear. Plus, you never want to step into a restroom barefoot!

To Make Your Feet Look Smaller

Some women wear high heels because they want to make their feet appear smaller. That’s because the angle of your feet gives an illusion that your feet are smaller than it really is. It’s a great way to hide away some length! 

The Joy of Buying New Shoes

Shopping for Shoes
Image: Shopping for Shoes

Buying new shoes gives you a boost of happiness. You get a natural high that makes you happy and confident. This is what we call retail therapy. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you now own a brand-new pair of shoes. Agree? You’d be so excited to show off your new purchase to your friends.

Final Words

So, there you have it. Some of the most common reasons why women love shoes. There may be other reasons as well. But these ones seem to come up quite frequently from what we gathered. Now, the question remains: Are you itching to buy yourself a new pair of shoes already?

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