The Importance of Cultural Competence

Women of Various Ethnicities

The concept of cultural competence is relatively straightforward; it refers to a person’s awareness of cultural differences and the impact these differences may have on them. Whether you are an EMT, social worker, teacher, administrator, or any other profession, employees in these roles should be aware that there may be important cultural differences between their … Read more

How to Improve Your Career Networking Skills

Woman Smiling to Man

It is important that anyone in any profession or trade builds strong business and networking skills. There are a 2 aspects to this, one is strong networking skills, the other, building strong business skills. In today’s job market, it is important that you have both of these. Networking Skills Networking skills focus on building relationships … Read more

Logan Paul Gets Scammed for $3.5 Million Dollars

Computer Hacker

Youtube personality Logan Paul revealed that he got conned of $3.5 million dollars from a Pokémon card collection purchase. He intended to purchase the first edition series of the Pokémon card collection, but instead received something totally different.

The video shows Logan Paul and his friend Bolillo Lajan San, a known card collector, opening the supposed shipment of first edition Pokémon cards, only to find a bunch of G.I. Joe cards. It could have been anything else. Paul reportedly got a refund for the video, but he’ll probably have to wait a little while before he gets his money back. He also said that the whole ordeal isn’t going to be over, however.

Your Laundry Detergent Could Be the Cause of Your Eczema

Handmade Detergent

A mom living in New Zealand changed her family’s lifestyle and it resorted to the huge improvement of her children’s skin conditions. One of the biggest changes was substituting store-bought household products to natural homemade alternatives. “Laundry products were one of the first things our dermatologist asked what we were using,” Renita Stuart says. After … Read more