How to Improve Your Career Networking Skills

It is important that anyone in any profession or trade builds strong business and networking skills. There are a 2 aspects to this, one is strong networking skills, the other, building strong business skills. In today’s job market, it is important that you have both of these.

Networking Skills

Networking skills focus on building relationships with people who have similar interests to you. One of the best things about networking is the simple fact that you are learning from people who are a lot more experienced than you. This is a key aspect to building strong business skills, actually building strong business skills. Developing business skills means being able to take things you’ve learned from others and apply them to your own.

Building strong business skills starts with building strong networking skills. Building strong networking skills leads to building strong business skills. Networking skills are the grease which propels the whole process of building strong business skills. When you are having good conversations with people about business (or life) or you are helping other people then you learn more about yourself.

How To Build Your Networking Skills

1. Get into events

Most major cities will have some form of business event. You should check out your local event list and get into them. You could even try setting up a networking event of your own.

2. Reach out to people

When you get into an event, you are going to meet people. Most people are going to say, “I was going to come to this event and you weren’t there. Why did you not come?”. My answer is that you didn’t ask.

Reach out to people you meet at the event and start a conversation. You do not necessarily need to be selling yourself (although this is encouraged), ask people about their line of work and how what they do matches up to what you want to do.

3. Learn to listen

Listening is possibly the single most important skill when it comes to developing business skills. You must be willing to hear out people and not just hear what you want them to say.

4. Keep your word

You will make a promise to help someone. Keep it. Don’t flake out on people. People will remember this.

5. Be honest

Be honest with people who ask you for advice or support. Share with them what is working and what isn’t. Being honest with people that you run into at an event, networking group or even online is important in building trust.

Building Strong Business Skills

1. Build your reputation

You must absolutely be willing to share what you have learned from the experiences you have had with other people. If you haven’t been building your reputation, you are starting from the bottom. Once you have built up your reputation, it builds from there.

2. Share your knowledge

You may have learned how to do something well. Whether you did or you didn’t, share it. If somebody asks you for advice about something that is related to your line of work, share it. People want to learn from others.

3. Be the person that other want to follow

If you’re genuine and you want to help other people, people will want to be around you. It is that simple.


Building strong business skills is important. Building strong business skills is absolutely essential if you are to build a strong career. Building strong business skills is an investment which will pay long-term dividends. You need to start developing your networking skills now. Start attending business events and start learning from others. Trust takes time, you need to work to build strong business skills, but it is well worth it.

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