Plants Need More Than Just Sunlight and Water

Plants need more than just sun, water, and soil to grow. They also need air, room to grow, and the right amount of nutrients. If you give your plants these things, they will grow quickly and be healthy.
Today I’m going to tell you about all four things that plants need to grow. One of these things is not like the other… but you’ll have to see for yourself to find out which!


Plants need air to grow. Just like humans, plants breathe in air and then breathe out air. This is important because it helps the plants to take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Carbon dioxide is a gas that is found in the air and it is important for plants because it helps them to grow. Oxygen is a gas that is found in the air and it is important for humans because it helps us to breathe.


Plants need soil to grow. Soil is made up of different things, like dirt, rocks, and sand. Plants use these things to grow big and strong. Soil also helps to hold water and nutrients, which plants need to survive. So make sure to give your plants plenty of soil to grow in! 


The fourth thing that plants need is water. Plants use water to help them grow big and strong. If you want your plants to stay healthy, make sure to water them regularly. You can water plants by watering the soil or by watering the leaves. If you water the soil, the water will soak down to the roots of the plant, where it will be used to irrigate the plant. If you water the leaves, the water will evaporate and it will help to cool down the plant.


When a plant grows, it stretches out. It also needs room to grow. Or else it will become root-bound and will not be able to grow any bigger. Make sure to give your plants enough room to grow by planting them in the right type of soil and by spacing them correctly.


Woman Holding Pot of Dracaena
Woman Holding Pot of Dracaena

The last thing a plant needs is a human that takes care of it. A human that knows what to do and what not to do, who gives it plenty of water and sunlight, but who also understands that a plant likes a little bit of room to breath. You are that human for your plants. As a human, you are important to your plants. Plants need carbon dioxide and oxygen to breathe, and they need soil, water, and sunlight to grow. You can give your plants the carbon dioxide and oxygen they need by talking near them, or even by growing plants in your home or office. Soil, water, and sunlight can be provided by regular watering and/or exposure to natural light. Make sure your plants get at least eight hours of sunlight each day! Finally, give your plants plenty of room to grow and breathe.

Thanks to you, your plants will grow in to beautiful, happy, healthy plants!

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