Students Get Shot Glasses Before Homecoming

Officials at Rio Grande High School arent getting a buzz from the schools homecoming memento.

Nearly 100 shot glasses etched with “Dreams Will Come True 2004” were handed out in advance of the celebration last week — until the principal got word of it.

“It’s not an appropriate message to send out,” Principal Al Sanchez said Thursday after putting a stop to the giveaway. “We’ll never do that again.”

School activities director James Chavez took the blame — saying the cheapest glass was a $1.32 shot glass. He said he thought they could be used to hold candles or toothpicks, not alcohol.

“We emphasized this is not for drinking,” Chavez said.

The school had distributed about 100 of the shot glasses before a teacher questioned the giveaway.

Student Lawrence Chavez said the glasses were “better than a key chain,” but knew they would raise eyebrows.

“I didn’t think of it as a toothpick holder,” he said.