Mike Tyson sneaking strippers into his room


Mike Tyson has been caught sneaking strippers into his hotel room.

One onlooker told America’s New York Post newspaper: “Two nights in a row he ushered hookers and strippers up to his second-floor suite.”

Tyson is reportedly getting ready for a comeback – and change of career.

The former Heavyweight Champion of the World is trying to land a job as a judge on new US TV show, ‘Celebrity X Games’.

Last year, Tyson revealed he was considering making an X-rated film with porn superstar Jenna Jameson.

The pugilist, who reputedly has a 14in penis, said: “I talked to a gentleman called Jimmy who’s involved with Jenna Jameson. He said he was interested in getting me involved in the adult film industry.”

However, plans for the proposed project fell through after Jameson revealed she had no plans to work with Tyson.