8-Inch French Fry Sold

An 8-inch french fry found by a bartender has sold for nearly $200 on eBay. Mindy Marland said she was working at the Checkered Flag Bar & Grill, across from the Iowa 80 Truckstop, when she spotted the unusually long french fry

A waitress was walking by and I saw it sitting right on top of a plate she was getting ready to serve — I was intrigued by it and took it off the plate,” said Marland, 29, of Walcott.

Marland said she decided to sell it on eBay. Bids started at $1. By the time bidding ended, it had sold for $197.50.

She said she was surprised at how much it sold for. She also said she was surprised about the size of the french fry, explaining how it had to travel from where it was made to the restaurant’s freezer and finally into the fryer.

“I can’t believe it didn’t break,” said Marland, a mother of two.

She said she plans to use the money for a little fun.

“I’m using it to take the kids to Great America in Chicago this summer,” she said.

She also said she has contacted the Guinness Book of Records after reading the record for the longest french fry is 6 3/4 inches.